It worked out. Mexico was OK, no one injured, no one left behind. We came home with some great deals, the kids (we all) experienced another country, and we saw again how important it is to be flexible in your plan. Glad we made it there.

From across the street- this is where we ate lunch- and the girls got their hair braided (Anya & Lauren). The ladies that offered to do the braiding were not deterred by us having to go eat lunch first- they said they would come along, and do it while we ate! ...and they did. They had to do it outside, you can see them on the picnic table, streetside.

Now, in the good old US, just 8 miles from the Mexico border in Yuma, AZ. There was some confusion here- since we were on daylight savings time, and driving North to Arizona, who doesn’t participate in DST, but is in the Mountain Standard Time zone (like our home Colorado), and we left a foreign country, and we entered another state, and we crossed an Indian reservation, and we’re now in another city. All of that, in the course of about a mile or less. I think we have the right time, now, which was exactly what it was thanks to ‘falling back’ and hour on Saturday.

The last few feet of Mexico; hair braided, grocery store balloon giveaways, and all smiles that we made it.

We met up with a couple of reporters from KSWT TV13 in Yuma on Sunday, who were interested in our story for their 10 o’clock news. That is, the taking a year off of real life to travel story. Every time someone innocently asks how our vacation is going, I chuckle- because on such vacations, you just have to grin and bear it, being stuck with your family- for more time than when you're at home, maybe as long as 2 weeks? We ran out of vacation about 2 ½ months ago and have been living our new life since then.

Distracted driving! Answering questions, while traveling down an unknown street looking for a park I've never seen before, trying not to hit - anything.

New life I say because everything is different. One bathroom instead of four, 1/8” fabric drape for privacy instead of a door with 6” walls, parents staring at kids for 12 hours a day instead of 2-3 (on a school day at home), and so on. So, that we’re doing as well as we are in our new life? There’s the story. The KSWT team rode along in the bus for a few blocks on the way to a park, and then talked with everyone about what they liked and didn’t like, and what we missed, and why we did this? I asked if their editing would make us look any smarter, or more handsome- and she just laughed. Not sure if she was laughing at how hard it would be to make us sound smarter or better looking?

The truth, whole truth and nothing but- Ethan's version of the truth. Funny side story: Felicia asks the kids (then Anya, Meila and Henry what they liked- and one of them answered "watching a movie when mom and dad have a date". That sounds nivce and shallow if for all we've seen and someone says a movie?! It gets better, then the individual replies to the reporters question of where do your mom and dad GO on a date? "Casino". My eyes were full of tears and I almost couldn't keep quiet. Now, the kicker- someone else says they enjoy poker, and other card games. HOLY COW, they didn't say this to a little old lady with bad hearing, they told this to the TV reporter with her camera rolling!

For the record, we went into the casino because they were offering a free $16 buffet for new loyalty club members, and I can't tell you the last time anyone played- poker on the bus?? Wow, the crazy things kids say.

Well, as hard as we tried, we couldn’t tune in channel 13 last night, and they didn’t put the clip up- so who even knows if it aired? They did post a little story on the stations website. If we get the clip, we’ll post the link here, later.

SOMEone mentioned maybe going to Cracker Barrel for dinner if everything went well yesterday, and the kids remembered it come dinner time. We broke away from a very cool park in North Yuma off of 4th street- (Wetlands is part of the name) and drove on to said restaurant. Come to find out, they like RV’s at their restaurants, and even provide a map of where the next restaurant is… We took a map for future reconnaissance, and moved our bus right around the back to get out of the way- as we settled in for the night. Henry and I took in a game of checkers on the CB porch, and we called it a day. Kelly’s not feeling well, and we’re hoping it’s not the MX water. Time will tell.

Ethan fought hard for this catfish, losing hooks, changing bait, asking the neighbors for tips on how they were pulling on after another, and why he kept getting little perch? Finally, he pulled out 2 big old fish (and threw them back)

Back to the park on Monday for some schooling, fishing, and dinner. Tuesday we’re planning on dropping in on the 10am Peanut Patch tour- we hear the kids will get to try their hand at making peanut butter? We’re easily entertained, and all looking forward to peanuts.

Finally, note to self (and other RV streetcampers)- consider a night camping spot adjacent to hotels: ample parking on the street, free wireless internet, minimal concern about breaking the parking laws since bus & truck drivers routinely use these locations to park for overnight stays. Probably don’t want to set up the awning and BBQ, but looks like a good choice for a night stop if we’re responsible.

So, Saturday and Sunday- schools, weekdays on the street next to the hotels, during the day at the waters edge in beautiful parks, Cracker Barrel near the interstate, rest areas in a pinch, RV parks when we need hook ups or a pool, etc etc etc. Once we get this moving around down, we’ll be able to relax a bit more.