I have received some feedback that indicates my posts are too technical. That my posts are of little interest to girls, because I've related no feelings.

Here is an attempt to convey feelings. If it fails, and even if it works, Kelly will be posting something here soon to help out with what it FEELS like to live on a bus.

When you're sitting on the toilet, you can lean forward and rest your forehead on the cool Corian sink counter top, or brush your teeth (Kelly pointed out)- so it's tight.

When you walk down the aisle to the bathroom at night, you hear each person in your family breathing, or rolling over, or run into a leg or arm hanging out from under the curtain- so it's close.

When you sit down at the end of the day to watch the news (like I haven't done in 14 years), 5 others join me on the same sofa- so it's intimate....

I suppose it's safe to say that it's close quarters living on a bus together with 8 others. As I was working on a sign job 2 days ago (kids in the front, kids in the bunks, I've set up a table across the rear lounge sofa to weed and mask vinyl) Kelly said "Is there ANYwhere I can go?" That said a lot- it was like being in a cardboard box without a hole to run out of.

Now, all of that said, it's not always a bad thing! Yesterday Trevor and Lauren were playing with Simon very gently and kindly- a combination of playmates I don't see very often. That has happened more often, different friendships cropping up within the kids. The old antagonistic sibling relationships are strong (Lauren/Ethan), but they have had a couple of instances of working together).

We eat together every night.

Our pool time this week has been very good for each of the kids, Simon and Henry are showing a fearless take on the water that has them swimming underwater across the pool, jumping in over and over and over and over...

Everyone seems generally happy. Trevor has taken to reading quietly for a break from the closeness, he'll disappear and we'll find him under a tree outside...

I on the other hand expected to be reading every day. Not so! I'm not sure why.

We feel pretty safe traveling with our Big Berkey water filter. The best kitchen item we've ever purchased. The trouble is keeping it filled... It works pretty fast, but we're going through a LOT of drinking water, another good thing.

Today, we're facing a travel day. To beat the heat, and the Baker Hill about 90 miles outside of Las Vegas (16 miles of 6% grade up then down, then another set) we'll be departing around 9 or 10 tonight. Check out from the Oasis is 11, then we'll move over to the biggest Bass Pro Shop on earth and park there, while we see their fishing demonstration, watch the adjacent casino mermaid show (in the 117,000 gallon salt water tank with 3 species of sharks and skates and 3,000 fish) and maybe see more of the city- maybe the atomic museum? We'll see.

We're shooting for a Monday meeting at the bus company to decide what windows to replace etc, then about a week in LA. Anya's surgeon for follow up to her surgery (palate repair that is shaping up very good so far- we think this one is holding closed(!) ), a few Hollywood related stops and perhaps even beach time. The bus lady said it was pleasantly warm there right now, 'not like the heat you're getting in Las Vegas' she said.

It would be nice to cool down to the mid 90's.

A little work keeps the man sane, and provides some gas money....