California rest stops allow a guy to park his bus for 8 hours without hassles, maybe longer if you lay low? We like it, because we can leave the van hooked up and we're hidden between the big rigs that are on a tighter schedule and come and go all night.

Yesterday something new and unexpected happened. You’ll recall me taking the initiative to letter our own bus with our own graphic… That day, an RV park neighbor looked up our story and we discussed the trip later that night… Today, we received a few emails thanks to the instant social atmosphere of being online and having net access no matter where you are: one suggestion came from a man that passed us on the road, just to say ‘Hello’ and relate that he should be doing our trip, too! Another suggested a interesting tour stop for our family from her perspective as a mother of 4. We were very pleased to see the interest in our trip and encouraged by their suggestions and comments. We remain excited about the opportunity, and are happy to share the story on this blog. Now, since the blog is public, we’ll keep you up to date on where we’ve been, but not so much where we are… If we’re heading your direction, and you would like to get together, drop us an email ahead of time and we can talk about when and where we can get meet. We’re happy to show the bus and answer questions about the trip (we even have some ABC Bus T-Shirts for you while they last!) 

It's fast & easy to spend $500 on fuel if you run 2 over sized nozzles at the same time!

Engine specs and capacities are always of interest- Bussie carries 245 gallons of fuel, and for the first time yesterday we fueled both sides on the truck island. The diesel fuel dispenser handles are larger than on a standard auto/truck island, and are usually only found at truck stops. Truck stops also set up the handles on both sides of a truck because most transportation vehicles can be fueled from either or both sides at the same time. Husband and wife fueling the bus at the same time, how romantic. We’re learning more about the life and logistics every day.

Have you ever tried a fresh almond from the tree? Mmm! We stopped on the way into Denair, Ca this weekend and picked up a handful of the tasty, moist almonds.

Several years ago, Kelly made a friendship online with a woman far away from our state that had a daughter that was very similar to one of our daughters. Same age, hair length, build, and at the same stage as our Anya with her cleft palate surgery plan. We weren’t sure if we would be able to meet them, but it worked out! We were so pleased to have the opportunity to park Bussie in their drive while spending a relaxed day getting to know the family and talking about how fortunate each of our families were to have both adopted from China four times.  Add to this great opportunity a lesson on calf roping, a meet and greet close up with their calves and horses- and a swim in the pool under the 90 degree sun. We sure enjoyed staying here overnight, that the kids played so well and having made new friends face to face after an internet connection brought our families together.

We had to use Bussie for a backdrop to have enough room for the whole group of our family, with our new friends.

Of course after our action packed day of pool, legos, eating, running, video gaming, chatting and everything in between- the kids fell asleep and didn’t even notice the mooing calves just outside of our windows…. After church on Sunday and lunch with our new friends, we headed off again, North in California with the ‘California’ mix playing from the iPod. We hope that more of our stops will be as meaningful as this weekends stop as we continue with this great trip.

Simon is making the steer nervous as he prepares to throw the ropes over his horns. Our patient host showed us how to rope, and a few of our family even roped a horn or two... No need to get nervous, cowboys- we don't own our own rope and won't be entering any rodeos too soon.....