We started out early from the Embassy Suites breakfast hotel, and headed across the sometimes painted desert for Pahrump Nevada. There were 2 buses there, and another option we hadn't considered before...

Ethan is reviewing the basement storage in this 1975 MCI bus- previously used as a prison bus for immigration in California. It came complete with graffiti etched into the paint in the back and a stainless steel bathroom, and prison bars on the bathroom window. It's stripped out inside (no seats) and would require a complete conversion, but it was only $5500. We may pass on that one.

This 1966 35' beauty was built in Canada for a Country Western singer... It's been sitting for a while, but is very classic traveling bus, and would possibly fit part of our family. Might not be big enough. Might not. Never worked as a highway coach, has a new transmission and 8V71 diesel motor.

Our unexpected discovery will have to come later- today we're off to breakfast and then to see Ed Roman's Wanderlodge. I hear it's nice. Maybe they'll take us for a ride in it?

As soon as we see the right one, we're taking it home (I tell myself).