We hear that there are more buses per capita in Nashville than anywhere else in the world.

Heading out on the bus hunt Monday morning, Kelly has coffee and.... did I mention Zeke came along?

We saw 10 of them today.

The best of the day was 'Eleanor', and we got to ride in her. You'll recognize Eleanor by the lettering on the side that says 'Jews for Jesus'. We're more comfortable with the history that comes with this bus than what George tells us about some of the other buses that have been leased out. George says, "you might rather NOT know where they've been, since your kids are riding in it and all". That satisfied my request for some interesting history on each bus. After all, the guys at the busforsale.com lot sell the buses that are coming off tours, having been replaced with fancy buses with slide out walls that cater to the stars... The BFS guys told of music stars that would show up at the lot and ask for a new bus that suited their needs better.

Why yes, it is kind of green, but painting the sides will only run about $600.

Several things are good about Eleanor, here are 2: Series 60 motor, and that beautiful upper windshield. Makes for a great view for the passengers.

Here's today's interesting tidbit. While we're on the first lot, a lady that had pulled up in 2 very nice buses comes out of the sales office to catch Kelly- who is running kids to use the facilities from our position in the lot. That nice lady, a mom, homeschooler, road manager and wife of Casting Crowns lead singer Mark Hall encouraged Kelly to take look inside their buses- to see if they would work for us, since they're going to be trading them in for something with slides. She also will be traveling with her husband to China in 2 months to meet their Chinese daughter (!).         She had really nice buses.

We also stopped by another coach sales lot, and weren't as impressed  with what they had... Still a couple more to look at on the way to Ohio.