It’s an hour earlier in Nevada, and they don’t participate in Daylight Savings Time, so I was up early. We called ahead to Las Vegas for a reservation at a recommended RV Park (with a pool) and they said we could check in early- so we hit the road quickly. The drive was another enjoyable trip. They all seem to be. Starts off nerve racking, trying to remember what you forgot, then worried the van brake will be stuck on and in a mile or two it will cartwheel behind the bus and fly off the tow bar- but after 10 miles of everything running OK, it’s possible to adjust the armrests and shake the ice down in the drink I just poured from the fridge just 4 feet behind me, and set the cruise control…  until we start an incline, or the temperature gauge climbs as a result of a strong headwind, or someone else cuts us off… it is ACTIVE driving.

We arrived at the Oasis RV Park just after 11 and were directed to the shaded pull through spot that the reservationist put us in- but the 4’ diameter canopy of the ‘shade tree’ wasn’t exactly what we were expecting. We drove through the park and found a nice back in spot that abutted the pool and 30 year old pine trees on 2 sides and were able to switch into it. Good news for us was that they don’t charge extra for kids. We were prepared to fork over the extra $2/pp over 4 people- but they only count adults. That will allow us to commit to 3 nights.

...right before Mike told me how much it would cost for this surprise. Desert Mobile RV Repair is worth a call if you're in this area. Honest and funny- they seem competent and able to handle any problem.

At the top of my list when we arrived was to find someone that could deal with the inverter not transferring the shore load when it went into the charge mode (I mentioned I was up early, and had time for a little troubleshooting on the inverter). As our continued luck would have it, a mobile RV repair van was pulling by our bus as we returned from registering. I spoke with them and they offered to come by and take a look in an hour. They did look, and they did have good news: we would have full electrical service once we plugged in. (With all good news comes) the bad news: we would have to send our inverter into Trace to be rebuilt (6 weeks) or manually jump the circuit each time we switched from generator to shoreline to inverter….. Since we kind of planned on having to upgrade the inverter we weren’t completely unprepared for the expense, and will be replacing the inverter. We’re too early in the trip to have to ‘make do’ with a jumpered  jerry-rigg setup. They will be back tomorrow with the inverter at 930, about pool time by my watch. This heat is making us do crazy things: pay for full electrical hookup for full AC use, eat out (last night) instead of having to return to the 112 degree bus and things like that. I expect that we’ll enjoy more meals like the tacos we enjoyed tonight, over the next few months, more often that eating out.

In the pool, Henry and Simon impressed everyone with their swimming skills. Henry was doing somersaults front and backwards and looked like he was going to fall over he was so tired at the end of the swim time before dinner. Meila pulled out her second tooth tonight before bed (!) and Trevor and Ethan finally had to be called out of the Hot Tub poolside as they chatted it up with some local RV folks. Picture lanky Trevor with his shell necklace and tropical shorts and lithe body and shaggy hair and height- he looked like he just rolled in off the sea shore with his board parked against a palm tree… I don’t think they knew he was 14. But I do, and I’m speculating he won’t be hanging out at the hot tub late, again.

Kelly tells me that the Ethel M Chocolate factory tour (free), ‘Price is Right’ game show at Bally’s (free) and China Town (free) are on her list, so we’ll tackle those in the next day or so, and answer Lauren’s call to go see the lights at night, too. Today, was a good, but expensive day.