It was in Conifer of all places! (10 miles from where we grew up).

I liked the Bluebirds, but they were a little short on storage space. Not the case with this bus. Look underneath!

This one needs a lot of stuff. Like a shower, kitchen, holding tanks, etc.

It does have some stuff going for it- 7 bunks to start:

It also has a nice price tag on it, but, can we build a bus that we will also live in?

Finer points to remember about this bus:

-8v71 motor
-4 speed trans with new clutch (less than 1k miles on it)
-The three unicorns that were on the side of this bus when it was a Mexican band bus have been painted over
(by the guys that took it to Sturgis so they wouldn't be killed on sight)
-New exhaust from the manifold back
-New axle studs
-Diamond plate flooring
-Tongue/groove interior
-New engine batteries
-21KW Kubota generator
-Trailer pkg
-Motivated seller

But, how motivated is the buyer? We'll see.