We touched down in Nashville at 6pm local time, only 1 hour later than Colorado, to 85 degrees and partly cloudy. Good thing I had Ethan pack an extra coat and pair of socks. (I was anticipating driving a thousand miles in a bus that could break down)

So, we're warm enough.

Good news at the rental counter, only 12 more bucks for a Chrysler 300. We look like bona-fide pimps. Or, we look like 2 guys way out of place in the country music capital of the world. It does have a nice stereo.

We cruised past the bus lot that we're visiting tomorrow morning, and are now checked in and planning an attack on dinner. Full nights rest, then the bus hunt, final chapter (?), gets underway.

I had a flash of panic as we landed thinking about all of the things that can go wrong on a car, and we're going to try and drive cross country in a bus?!

Sometime I wonder what I was thinking- but the feeling will pass, and we'll buy a bus.