We pulled the kids from school and made a research trip to Denver yesterday to take a closer look at the RV option.

One of the booths offered face painting at the show, which effectively held Kelly captive at their booth, and the neighboring booths for over 45 minutes while Trevor and I tried to lose Ethan inthe maze of campers. We couldn't shake him but is was fun trying.

Here are our current options:
Class A diesel bus (MCI, Wanderlodge, overpriced RV)
5th Wheel Camper
Travel trailer

Well, I went into this thinking: B U S !

I left the show thinking: Travel Trailer. Here are the major points:

Musical horn
Rock solid construction
Reliable engine/transmission made for long hard use
Must pull vehicle to get around once you get there
Limited space, no sliders
Can move around (pee) while driving
Engine repairs must be done in a specialized diesel repair shop

Lots of space
Rooms we can separate people with somewhat
Lots of water storage, extended dry camping possible
Need tow vehicle, but can't find one that will hold 9 people- maybe have to drive 2 vehicles
Can't ride in the trailer while driving

This 5th Wheel- a Fuzion- even had a pak n play for adults on the back. You can see 2 of 3 queen sized beds at the back of the unit, that would be part of the sleeping solution that these offer. This was the first we had seen with the 'porch' option. Maybe sleep under the stars...

Ample space
Separate rooms
Can use our existing 1-ton 12 passenger van to tow
Can't ride in it while driving
Low relative cost to other options

Video tour of the trailer we liked the best (kids included)

I don't know ANYTHING about travel trailers! Now, I have some more reading to do.

Someday, it's going to be fun to look back and see what we went through to get on the road.