Finally today, a ‘down’ day. We’ve needed it.  Every day there seems to be somewhere to go or do or see or go or do or see- you get it. It has been pretty busy. I think that that feeling comes from a sense that we don’t want to miss where we are. We have been moving just enough to feel like we’re under pressure to see it all…. Even though, we haven’t seen it all, or even close! In fact, we have seen the other side of the places we’ve been- we hardly spent 30 minutes on the Strip in Las Vegas and we never made it to Freemont Street- but we did enjoy the Vegas heat and POOL where we stayed. Now in California, we have enjoyed the ocean in Huntington Beach, visited Hollywood Boulevard, geocached in LA and Costa Mesa, and while our bus was in the shop overnight, crashed at a house with a Pool in West Hills with our connected LA friend (while getting our fill of Hollywood gossip that we cannot repeat). Last night, we ran the first of many outdoor movies that we projected against the side of the bus in the park that we’re parked at. THAT was fun! So this morning, we were all happy to roll out of bed between 8 and 11am. We’re catching up on blog, journal, Kelly is spending time planning homeschool stuff and the kids are negotiating among themselves as they shuffle and trade and buy and sell nintendos. Seems that the older kids want to upgrade, but cant unless they can sell their current games, and their market is the younger kids, who are happy to buy those heavily discounted games. The free trade market is alive and well inside Bussie.

The bus work went well, with the side window and the drivers windshield being replaced yesterday. We will have to return to the shop next week for 2 days as they finish up the list of work we have for them before we get any deeper into the trip.

Today I uncovered a couple of websites that sort restaurants that offer free kids meals, and you can search by zipcode- check out those sites on our page "Websites we like".

It feels weird to be spending money without having a regular job, and Kelly keeps calling my attention to the dilemma. We may try a little harder to take on a sponsor for the side of the bus if you know anyone. It really is a rolling billboard and I feel remiss that I haven’t talked someone into advertising with us, it would be a very smart allocation of advertising funds. Don’t believe it? Ride along for a few miles and watch the faces looking at the bus, then imagine ‘Your Name Here’. I think we might sell space on a smaller scale to allow folks that don’t have a budget to do the whole thing. Email me for that info also.

Watch for pictures here, later.