In Daly City- our sweet parking spot next to the Chinese cemetery. That hill was mighty foggy when it got a little darker- and Kelly wanted to sleep with the window open. Ha! no way.

Looking from the cemetery side to the other curb- which was also mature towering trees, perfect for us for a day and a night. Ideal spot if you're passing through to park a big rig for the day as you explore San Francisco- just 20 minutes away.

Man, I can spend hours on the web looking for just the right parking spot and the perfect route, and a nice collection of geocaches along the way and good food recommendations along the way- and then I’ve spent too much time on the computer and we could have just plotted a safe route, then done a couple of wide circles though the outlying commercial areas or areas around parks or schools- and come up with some pretty good places to park and eat and play…. SO I’m not sure how much I want to be researching versus just going for it. That being said, when we pulled into the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, CA yesterday it’s a good thing the parking lot wasn’t full. The beautiful trees and cozy parking lots would accommodate a 40 tour bus without any problem, but a 45’ bus with an 18’ van hooked to the back was too much for their parking lot. I got myself into a bit of a situation that I had to stop the bus in a turn, and unhook the van so I could back up a few feet and make the corner. That would have been newsworthy if it had happened in a city like San Francisco with lots of traffic- but fortunately for me- we arrived a half hour before closing time, and it was the middle of the week. It looked like I meant to do it like I did it- which is what I’ll say about it from here on out…. We parked out of the way and really enjoyed a first class tour of the candy factory we have been financially supporting for most of our lives.

Made it after about an hours drive North of San Francisco across 2 very cool bridges along the way.

They took the group right into the production areas and sampled the different stages of product to coincide with the tour information and they had their act together. (Compared to the mediocre Budweiser tour today). If you’re even close to Jelly Belly, make a point to see their free tour. Other bonuses for visiting the factory: ‘Belly Flops’, bags of heavily discounted candy that are seconds (don’t have the Jelly Belly name on them, but have all of the flavor- and some odd shapes including some 2 and 4 headed jelly beans). Also, the opportunity to purchase the gross flavors- which I will not elaborate on, but suffice to say that if I offer you a jelly bean in the next year, be cautious, for it may be their BARF flavored jelly belly- no kidding!

Just before the Jelly Bellys started making their way into our bellies in mass quantities- (then moderation).

We returned to Bussie and took off in the van to make a grocery store run, drop into a local organic vegetable stand and then back to cook dinner at the now vacant, beautifully landscaped parking lot under cool mature trees. As dinner was being served, the Jelly Belly 5-0 stopped in to gently remind us that the Jelly Belly folks would prefer that we didn’t stay overnight. I offered him dinner, but he’d already eaten- and then truthfully told him that we were planning on moving along after dinner- which we were, but didn’t have a destination in mind. As he was leaving, we spotted a sign for the Wal Mart store, adjacent to the Jelly Belly factory parking lot behind the JB security fence….

Like a private lot, we were able to pull out a couple of chairs for home school lessons inthe morning on the side of the bus and we remained invisible with a gentle warm breeze blowing, the warm (not hot) sun shining down and filtering through the trees.

Kelly scouted the parking lot and called me with the OK, so we made the 4 block loop to get there. Best WM lot so far. Tall, full trees; parking lot is separate from the main parking area and abuts a vacant lot. It’s better than that $80/night parking lot campground at Pacifica we stayed at for 2 days, and Wal Mart parking only cost us $70 in purchases for yesterday and today…. We’re staying another night and leaving for the Redwoods in the morning (Friday).

Every now and then we come across a sign that reminds us of friends at home. I’ll bet if you drive enough miles, you’ll see everyone's name you know in green and white letters?

Friends from home surprise us when their names pop into view unexpectedly.

Tonight Lauren is working on setting up her website/store to market the crafts she’s been working so hard on over the last few weeks- which will provide some school credit, some extra income perhaps, and some pride in a part of the trip that she’ll be in complete control over.