... and it's probably a good thing. You can get too much of a good thing. We looked at a famous guitar makers bus today, and it was OK. It was expensive, and I am leaning toward a different bus. I do like the Wanderlodge a lot- the finish, the strength of the walls and drawers and sheer number of gauges... But the motor coaches have a lot going for them as far as space goes. There are several highway coaches for sale in Montana that I know of.

Here's the generator - they are stowed behind the front bumper. Flip a switch and they roll out the front. The generator is larger than a VW Beetle motor.

Lots of custom paint, we'd look like rock stars if we didn't remove the guitars and roadie messages painted on the sides.

It is impressive to open all the doors and hatches and gas covers and vents and slide out the rolling BBQ etc etc etc.

Oh yeah, yesterday we looked at a fifth wheel on the way out of Pahrump Nevada. After seeing a few that were not good, we stumbled upon a trailer that would have enough beds, and seating for everyone at lunch, and private rooms, and - everything you need to live in it. Including an 1100 watt stereo amp with outside speakers. It's built for partying in the desert with a large group- perfect for for our family.