Made it home safe and sound via airplane and van. Someday, I tell myself, we'll be coming home via the highway, and rolling into the driveway with a toot on the mega-blaster air horn... Wake up, Mark.

We spent a few hours discussing more of what the budget will look like, what the schedule will look like, can we get away with a 40' bus?, and most interesting, what will our objective be? We could hop in and go, and do just fine. We could also establish a purpose, or loose set of objectives to give us some direction. Ideas we have had over the last several weeks: volunteering/service in every community that we visit; Geocaching across America- for which we could spread the good word about geocaching and stop into communities and do a little 'intro class' with a few sponsored GPS units and maybe trade for some camping space; or we could see how little we could spend on this whole trip and be quite miserly.... or ? Do you have a good idea that we could use as our objective? Let us know here.

We're a little frazzled by information overload as we have been at the end of each 'bus hunt' trip.

We'll take a day or two (or a couple of hours) and gather our thoughts on what the next step will be.