We met the purple bus today, and even drive it South of Marathon, Florida across the Seven Mile Bridge. We opened every door, turned on each switch, tested every door latch, sat in every seat, adjusted all six of the pneumatic seat controls... We spent 9, yes, nine hours looking and mostly listening.

After our drive in the *sparkling* bus.

This one's nice. From home, Kelly was very anxious about the abundant oak cabinets. When she walked in, she smiled and liked it right away. There's no wall behind the driver like most buses, the kitchen is 8' long including the double basin sink, the shower is full size, the fresh water capacity is 2 5 0 gallons, the doors are all straight and shiny...

This is the view under the bed in the rear bedroom. Full motor access to the .. purple.. motor.

We could make the purple bus work, for the right price! The owner said he wasn't flexible at all, then went on to say he wanted to hear any offer for the bus from anyone with money. Apparently, lots of people have offered lower money, and haven't come through.

There are a few questions about this bus, insurance, license plates, etc etc... We're going to visit with Steve and his wife tomorrow morning to make an offer before we leave town for Fort Lauderdale- and home  on Sunday.

What a nice day it is in Florida! 80 degrees and a breeze all day. Kelly spotted an albino cockroach but it got away.

80 degrees at 930am! and it stayed nice all day.

Check out the Purple Bus Evaluation photos and videos below:

YouTube clip: The Purple Bus

On the way back to Marathon across the Seven Mile

The 'BigFoot' leveling system can even out the base, or lift the entire bus off the ground