I was up early and on the web and phone to discuss aspects of this bus that I didn't understand... Finally called Steve to go over and look at a couple of other things and discuss... the price. Keep in mind, this bus has been for sale for a couple of years.

Steve lifted the back end to look at some mechanical aspects this morning. Quick and easy to lift with the hydraulic levelers.

He wouldn't budge one cent. In fact, he said if we argued about price, they would take $5,000 more. It didn't drop completely out of the picture, but after 2-3 hours on the phone with Eagle fanatics and coach enthusiasts and people that know more than we know..... there  were some concerns that we couldn't overlook, which could be repaired or replaced, but not at full price... Good bye for now, purple bus.

So, we headed out to Fort Lauderdale and hit the beach. We are in Florida after all.

The red and purple flags were flying to say: No Swimming, and Dangerous Marine Life. We think this was the dangerous marine life. There were a lot of them, jelly in appearance. ?? What are they?

Today, we received word of an Eagle bus in New Mexico, only 7 hours from home.

We just need to get home and get another week of reality under our belts before the next step. 820 flight Sunday morning is coming up soon.