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Thursday August 12, 2010

We pulled out of the truck stop in GJ early, to get to the visitor center when they opened and get on the road to Utah. Meila showed Kelly how to fill the drinking water, and we visited with a couple of other campers.

One of them gave his whole life story, how he lost his job and was living in this camper he bought for $11,000 5 years ago- his 6 children were inside. He said the best free camping around here was on top of a mesa next to a reservoir just a few miles away. Inside the visitor center I did secure my beautiful Welcome to Colorado hat, and met a lady working there that was the aunt to Kay and Zenda, that run the video store at home. First chance for me to say “Small world”. At the visitor center we also had the pleasure of 2 ply toilet paper and a super-clean power flushing bathroom. Nice! We decided to head for the Fruita Campground, about 190 miles away in Capitol Reef National Park, just East of Torrey Utah. We would be travelling from Fruita, Co to Fruita, Ut.

The trip was uneventful and enjoyable, passing Henry Mountain along the way. The Fruita Campground was very comfortable. Lots of lush green space in the middle of this hot desert National Park, plenty of space for Bussie. After settling in, we did a little exploring and discovered petroglyphs and the kids trained as Junior Rangers, complete with badges. The campground was pretty quiet, so we were reluctant to run the generator, but finally did at about 730. The campground host came by at 815 to remind us that generator hours were from 8-10am and 6-8pm. The bus was pretty warm inside, so we set up the tent and 4 of us settled in there. Kelly and a few kids headed to the star-gazing program with an astronomer, since the Perseids meteor shower was peaking tonight around 1030pm. The sky here is spectacular- in fact- so dark that the astronomer had trouble pointing out some of the brighter constellations because of the competition from the dimmer stars – the sky was like I’ve never seen it before. At one point we were able to see 4 satellites at the same time travelling in different directions. Nice end to a good day.