Costa Mesa/Newport Beach, CA-

Anya's surgeon, Dr Magee, at Shriners Hospital in Los Angeles

It is the day they started school at home in Colorado (and the kids have been talking about it- I think they're ready to start here too)… (We’re starting school in the next 2 weeks). We started the day moving the bus at 615am down the street from the Shriners Hospital, where we spent the night (and they sweep the streets on Mondays between 8 and 11), to a spot on the Tuesday street cleaning schedule… where we remained unbothered for a couple of hours while we met with Anya’s surgeon for a 3 week follow up. We made a plan for her, for the next few months until we can schedule her bone graft… From Los Angeles, we hit the Southbound highway with 2 drivers bound for Costa Mesa, CA- the ABC Bus company. They are the importer/distributor/repair facility for Van Hool. We were pleased to meet a set of 3 nice folks that run the service department, and went over the short list with them: replace windows, find and repair the front end air leak, inspect the differential leak repair, check out the cool but not cold drivers A/C… and anything else they could think of that we need to be on top of before the rest of the big trip. They’re gonna call us about everything and their schedule- so we’ll work around that and plan the LA, CA time once we know the schedule….

When we arrived at the ABC facility, this brand new hotel on wheels was coming out of the shop.

One of the best things about a beach are the surprises that you find.

After the bus meeting, we found a place to stuff the bus for a couple of hours, off Harbor Blvd in Costa Mesa about 4 miles from the beach- and we headed for the ocean. What a great spot for surfing! The kids really enjoyed themselves.

Kelly and Trevor kept an eye on things. Directly behind me, the other kids are furiously attacking the waves.

We stayed for an hour,  then headed back for the bus. After dinner, we milled about, fixed a couple of bus things, watched broadcast TV (FUNNY to see the kids looking for the cable, since they had no idea that signals are broadcast and are not delivered only via cable). Tonight, we set up a box fan in the bunk hallway to try and tackle the lack of passive ventilation without running the generator problem during the night. It seems to be working, we’ll see if the batteries hold out all night running a fan drawing 76 watts. I’m sure it will be fine, and hopefully keep us from annoying the neighbors with the generator for air conditioning. The news tonight is forecasting temps over 100 for the LA area. Good time to be at the ocean.

We had a chance to catch up with our good friend Samuel L Jackson when we ran into him on Hollywood Blvd. We also ran into Cuba Gooding Jr in a thrift store. Which encounter was true?