What IS a Shakedown?

1) 1987 #1 hit by Bob Seger
2) Testing an airplane, vehicle or other craft
3) The point when you really have to go #2 and your body says "GO or Else!"
4) A criminal act of coercion for personal gain

Answer: all are correct answers (#3 isn't published but I've heard it's true). The pertinent answer to this blog is #2, as we are situated in a WM lot in beautiful Longmont, CO.

A shakedown to RV'ers is the test drive before the departure. An opportunity to see what you forgot, or didn't plan for, or don't really need to take along. We should have done one a long time ago- maybe even before we committed to this insane plot to travel the country.... But, no. We're going no matter what. Ethan pushed to go tonight and everyone else bought in (almost everyone). I couldn't say no. So, we're 'camping' with the air conditioner running in comfort.

Some small items are being added to the 'to-do' list (dish drying rack, dish towel clip, grill and propane tank storage frame...).

We decided on Verizon MiFi for our rolling internet access. So far, so good. Connects via cellular/3G signal, and allows up to 5 WiFi connections in the immediate area.

Pictures? My camera's at home- on the day Ethan won a phone in the Pile Up game, and on the day we took our shakedown tour.

Today, I only installed a handle on the front door. It was kind of a 'day off' kind of day.