This is on the East side of Utah at 80mph, floating along. Just after the roof carrier opened slightly and released some things that we had to go back for. Have you ever seen a guy dart back and forth across 2 freeway speed lanes of traffic in a narrow canyon with 60MPH winds blowing the dolphin their child won at Circus Circus back down the canyon along the center median while he chases it, and the sleeping bags and arm floaties? Well, if you DO see him, cut him some slack, drift into the other lane and don't honk at him. He'll appreciate it.

So, we made it home, after 12.5 hours to think & talk about what we're going to do for our bus trip. I realize now that 'Bus Trip' may be a symbolic name for what may become a fifth wheel trip. 'Bus' sounds more romantic. Coming soon, the list of pros and cons for bus vs. trailer. But now? We're back to reality (as we know it today), with 4 new sign jobs on the voice mail, a film schedule to put out and a flurry of standard related activities.

I know of 3-4 motor coach buses for sale in Montana, spring break isn't too far off, and I'm thinking about being on the road every day.