The other day, when Kelly was having a passing wave of sharp honesty, or acute foresight, or she was just travel-worn on the bus hunt-- she abruptly called my attention to the financial impact of buying a bus. What the heck! were we doing looking at these buses when we could get into a travel trailer for 1/3 the price?! She accurately rattled off the numbers involved in this bus-fantasy. She shook me from my dream state for several hours- enough for me to look at options (again). We already have the van that will pull about anything, we have the maps, we just need the trailer! Well, as true as that is, seriously looking at the trailer option for a day and a half reminded me why we have been led to a bus. Space, weight capacity, safety and ... experience. Yeah, I said it, experience. On the way home from school a couple of days after her statements as I was on the crest of the "trailer-could-work" train of thought, I asked the kids: "How about heading out in a travel trailer- pulling it with this van?" with a positive tone. They emphatically said 'No Way, Jose'. How would we go to the bathroom was just one of the concerns. I agree. The next day, standing around the fire station a few firemen reminded me it was just money, and thoughtfully remarked that this opportunity would be a lifetime memory for all of us. If we could, we should get into a comfortable bus.

Well, watching the calendar tick off the days until Kelly heads out to China for almost 3 weeks on May 8th for another remarkable surgery mission trip- I knew I would have to make travel plans if there was any chance of having a bus in our driveway before the end of May... So I booked tickets to Nashville for myself and one (male) child on the 30th. That will give us 4 days to look carefully at buses. I expect to drive, not fly home (unless we have a bus prior to this non-refundable trip taking place).

I have added synopses of the buses in the running for quick reference on the 'Our bus' page.

Checking out a bus in Denver this weekend.

.. and every night, drifting off to la-la land with visions of the road.