We took a close look at 'Oh My Gosh' in Mesquite Nevada this afternoon. 40' long, very nice bus. After reading about Blue Birds for so long, it's nice to put hands on this ride. Indeed, it's not cheap paper-thin construction, it is solid, built as if it was destined for use by a large family. The latches are all heavy duty, the hinges rock solid, the general feel of the bus is sturdy. Walking upon the roof, it doesn't 'bend a little' when you walk across- the doors are heavy etc etc etc. Oh, the man played a song on the musical horn. It could be heard for about 2 miles. It will be fun when we pull into your driveway some day with 'Jesus Loves Me' playing over the horn!

It is big. The bus isn't 'aired up' and still stands tall over all of us. The landing light next to Simon is one of 4 pointing sideways for help parking, or melting snow.

Tomorrow, we hope to take a look at more busses, and RV's that may or may not be in the running for our family. This neck of the woods appears to be a haven for RV's, busses etc. Every RV park is full, and all appear to be snowbirds. As a result, there are lots of RV sales and service shops.

The Blue Bird Wanderlodge has a lot a switches and gauges. Kelly is trying to raise a good buddy before heading out onto the open road to hit the double nickel with the sunny side up and the pedal to the metal. (Obviously I haven't developed very good trucker talk, yet).