Tuesday was good for Bussie, a new inverter will insure healthy, consistent electrical supply for our batteries and appliances for many years (we think).

The side effect is the one that our credit card feels about now. We decided that it wouldn't be worth manually changing the inverter wiring everytime we wanted to charge or run off of shore power. The final diagnosis was that the automatic internal transfer switch wasn't allowing shore line or generator power through to the coach while it was externally powered. The inverter would take the current for the batteries, but not let any current pass through. Solution was to send it in (6 weeks) or replace it. Since we can't wait for 4-6 weeks for the inverter to come back (we wouldn't have any battery power without it) we did replace it with a Xantrex Freedom RV inverter, 2500watts. The service guys did the inverter replacement and wiring, I ran the control wire to the drivers panel from the #4 bay door drivers side, and installed the panel. We couldn't reuse the Trace control wire, since it was 4 wire, and the Xantrex called for a 6 wire control. Nice.

Upside: one of the service guys needs his van lettered (and I have lettering equipment and software on board- since this IS a business trip and this deal will bring in $280), and I sold the old inverter on Craigslist in under 2 hours for $200. That unit will be a great inverter for someone that is running batteries only, which the man that bought it would be- a remote antenna site with 12v batteries. Good deal for him, and we won't have to haul the 75# inverter along.

This traveling gig is interesting, and we will probably be learning the ropes until the day we return. Yesterday we learned that itsy bitsy ants that want to get in the coach can be stopped by Comet cleaner being sprinkled around the tires and hoses and anything that connects the coach to the ground.

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