The parking lot is tight! School buses turn tighter and have better clearance than tour buses. The Sally building really stands out in this industrial section of the city with its vibrant bright colors, which give a hint at the magic inside.

Some of our best and worst stops have been last minute, non-destinations that we happened onto. The Sally Corporation was one of these stops, and easily made it to our list of ‘best’ stops. Thanks to Factory Tours (see our links page) for this lead.

Maybe they had an extra eyeball that they converted into a clock?

The T-Rex that thunders down above you and roars loud enough that Simon says “I can feel the sound inside me”; the Chucky-esque scary doll that spooks you in the dark amusement ride, the singing bear or the 35’ flapping dragon with smoke that comes from its nostrils have all come from this place. Sally Corporation was born from the efforts of a dentist that was creatively preparing a speech for a college course, and devised an animated mannequin to ‘give his speech’.

In the paint room, this collection of unrelated pieces were just painted or awaiting glow paint, for use in dark rides at amusement parks. Under the purple haze of black lights, artists decorated the pieces- absolute talent!

Since that genesis, the company has grown to build most of the dramatic animated figures and elements in many of the attractions you and I have seen for many years. At this location, you see where the designers create concepts, engineers build the framework and artists finish the movement and decoration of these amazing creations! It’s a privately held family company, and the folks we talked to acted like everyone was a big extended family- with a waiting list for employment.

The face room. Sculpted in clay, then cast in 1/4" latex rubber, the faces brought life to the project. Behind our funny guide, faces of Ah-nold, LBJ and Shaggy, to name a few. THe video clip of our tour guide putting the face of LBJ on was a little spooky. You could see how a person could don one of thsee masks and become someone else. Halloween must be fun around here.

Henry asked: "Where is the rest of the dinosaur?" ta-Da! Box open, and the secret is out- it's just a bunch of valves and pumps. Cost $90,000.

The tour takes a look at everything they do, it’s free, and well worth being a destination on your next visit to the area.

They also have neat shirts, $15.

Leave it to Ethan: a new game of jumping the palm leaf while Ethan spins around. The game ends when everyone has been hit by the turning palm leaf (objective is to jump it without contact), or Ethan throws up- whichever happens first.