(A little nod to the movies)

Whatta day. Greasy, sweaty and bloody are all part of one of those days when you start with a long list, and tackle all of it and alternate swearing with high fives as the projects drag out, and get done. Happy and sad.

Meila took her turn in the 'pit' under the van as we installed brake lighting and the transmission pump.

Today some major milestones came within reach:

The supplemental brake on the van is about 60% done...

The brake and turn signal wiring for the van is about 50% done...

As Meila tells it, she was working harder because her hands were dirtier.

The transmission lube pump on the van (along with the transmission service that ended up happening) is about 70% done...

So the foundation for many things is well under way thanks to the great mechanical mind of Butch- who is usually working on firetrucks, and was very generous with his time to take a look at my project- from 7am to 730pm....

Bussie couldn't fit all the way in the shop... but the back end was what we were after.

This weekend, I hope to wrap these projects up, and visit with Butch again to finish the brake job.

It was also a great chance to get under the bus and take a close look at what's going on down there- a couple of things need attention, but doesn't look like anything that will hold us up beyond the work we're planning on.

"Did you check that one thing?" - Meila is a very good supervisor. She got up at 7am to accompany me to the workshop.

The action part of the brake system: an air cylinder that pulls the pedal down in the van when you step on the bus brake.

At the end of the beautiful day, the sunset was a bus-stopper. Now, how do I get 3 vehicles home from the workshop with only one driver?