(written Dec 18, 2010)

Early in the day, we stopped in Marfa at the park and barely made it in. I mean, by a few centimeters. Geocaches and swingset there.

Geocaches are seriously everywhere. Even at the site of the Marfa Lights. The clue should have been: "In the middle of the biggest pricker bush".

We almost drove through Texas, on the way to somewhere else.

Then we heard from our Colorado friend Tim: we accepted several of his suggestions for visits in his native state, and we’re still here. Texas has been good to us so far. (For the record, he did not point us toward the Marfa lights- for he is a sane, reasonable man)

As the evening settled into the landscape, Meila started our search for the lights.

Our Marfa experience reinforced that aliens do not exist. I know, I know, the Marfa Lights are not necessarily aliens, but seeing the lights would have put us in the right frame of mind to consider aliens as a possible reality- especially so soon after our Roswell visit. In the real world, the Marfa lights are a sensational story, reportedly having been seen for over a hundred years in the plains East of Marfa, Tx. The lights appear 10-20 times a year from a few seconds to hours at a time. They are colorful, animated and generally unexplained. It’s such a draw that the town of Marfa erected a viewing platform for mediocre light-hunters. Appreciatively, this bus-load of mediocre light hunters stopped after shopping in Marfa then stayed for an overnight attempt to catch these lights in action. We were alone for most of the afternoon, evening and night- except for 3-4 carloads of folks dropping by at different times late at night to take a look off of the platform, which is safely illuminated through the dark hours. In the morning, having not seen the Marfa Lights despite an attentive late night and early morning, we moved out of alien territory along the desolate Texas highway.

It was very pretty to see the sunset on the horizon. At home, we see the sun set over the mountain range, 12,000 feet tall. It has been good to see actual sunsets. God really shows off each time the sun sets.

In an RV, you can stay at the Marfa lights visitor center, which is a highway pull off, but it has 24 hour bathrooms and trash receptacles- as well as an unobstructed view of the Texas desert. Formerly the site of an air force base, this spot is surrounded by private land, so you can’t really take off after the lights if you see them. If anything, bring a comfortable chair and sit for a while. The oversized concrete viewing platform is illuminated by red lights at ground level and would make for a romantic setting for a long discussion- as long as there weren’t any fanatical UFO hunters scurrying about.