So there was this MCI bus parked at the fast food restaurants, driver sitting alone, obviously waiting for his riders to return.

I stopped to chat with him.

I explained that I was headed to Nashville to buy a bus for a family trip, and it was down to MCI, Eagle and Van Hool- "Which bus would you prefer?" Keep in mind he's sitting behind the wheel of a NICE, new MCI coach.

"Van Hool" without a seconds hesitation. Why? I asked. Ride, reliability, 'far better bus that anything else out there'... He went on to be critical of MCI hydraulics. Also said he'd been driving for 44 years, so I guess he has some built in credibility.

This will be good information when this weekend presents an opportunity to make a decision and come home with something for our family.

Caught this nice bus parked just below the theater.