What a long day.

First thing this morning, we're up and out to Staley Coach to see 3 coaches. When we arrived, the owner said 2 were no good for us, and the third needed a motor. Ugh. He did, however, have a new arrival- a Prevost that had been around the block, and would work for our family- but had a sketchy past, and was going to be at least 95,000. No can do.

We left to visit our friends at busforsale. As you may recall, our plan was to travel to Kentucky to see the 45' Eagle coach on Saturday or Sunday- and we had put it off until Monday because the owners father was expected to die and the family was spending time at his bedside. When we arrived, they advised that they would be unable to show the coach this week at all, things were going poorly for their family.

The VanHool bus was the only truly dry thing on the lot! All of the other buses had their doors open- some having water damage up to the drivers seat inside- tough deal for the owners. There were about 65 coaches affected by the flooding on this lot.

The buses at the back of the lot acted as strainers, and were filled with dirty silty flood water.

After some chit chat we got around to getting me behind the wheel of the bus and taking a drive up the interstate- and through town, and I didn't hit ONE thing! Yahoo! Neat feature: the tag axle lifts up for tight corners- and this baby can turn tight. I'll bet in fact it only takes me a 5 point turn to get into our driveway (instead of 12).

George, the shop foreman, inspecting the generator.

We talked a lot about this bus and looked it over and discussed motors and etc etc etc. We had lunch there (the owners wife related that they have lunch almost every day for their customers because buying a bus isn't a quick thing).

Well, we decided to make another offer to the owners, and waited. We waited and looked around the lot. Ethan found a mole and filmed it for a movie he wanted to edit later. We waited some more. Finally I told Mike we would be leaving and he could call us if he heard anything. He got a phone call, so I backed out of the office and walked back out to the bus- found the US truckers atlas and sat down to read it a bit. Twenty minutes later, I walked back in and said we would really be leaving now- to call us. He said- hold on for just a minute. I started backing out, and he said to give him 5 seconds, then handed me the page that was printing off ....

It was a purchase agreement at 530pm.

See the "Our Bus" page.

Tonight, I'm spending a few hours reviewing the driver/operator manuals so I have a better chance of getting the bus home in one piece.

I'm not sure if I'm excited, or scared. The rubber has met the road!