We are underway, halfway to the Florida gulf coast. We have an appointment there with the sun. On the way, we’re getting back into the swing of things- after being off the bus for nearly 2 months. Longer than we expected to be home, but we completed some important stuff: taxes, insurance, Dr’s appointments, etc. We think our affairs are set for the next few months as we wrap up ourBigtrip with an East coast journey (but we'll probably be calling the neighbor to pack up a box of forgotten items, like the colander, before the end of the week). LOTS on the list to do over the next several months, we’re hoping to be better about planning and intentionally accomplishing stops, versus following the wind (ourBigtrip part I).

Today was all driving- over 500 miles at 65 miles per hour.  Yesterday we pushed off from Denver and a lunch date with relatives visiting from – FLORIDA. We will see them again when they return home in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, we’ll take in the sights - but tomorrow we'll stop in Memphis long enough to see some nationally/culturally  important locations, then continue our descent into warmth and get back to home school! We have a list of folks from home that are taking next week for spring break in sunny Florida... Kelly and I lamented how sad it would be to have to see our neighbors from home, in FL, where we would have time to sit and chit chat- but at home we were running too much to catch up?! Strange how our priorities are in ‘real life’-we need to change that.

Funny thing happened on the way here: before leaving we added some graphics to the bus to publicize that passer-by could tune into our new TalkingTruck FM transmitter (www.TalkingTrucks.us) because our bus ‘talked’ and tells the bus story as we roll. Well, it appears to be working. Along the highway, when we’re stopped, etc etc- people in cars are leaning over to their radios and keep pace while driving, or stop alongside in parking lots and while I can’t confirm they are tuning into OUR frequency- I’ve never seen the behavior before! I am guessing that the signs work and the station is being heard. I will take some time to fine tune the broadcast signal and insure it’s reaching its full potential.

SO, we’re really on the road- we’re heading South- and if you’re fun and will be in Florida in the next 2 weeks- we’d like to hear from you. We may be close enough to get together and catch up. Hermit Crab races in Sanibel are on our list.