**Great photos added to the previous MEMPHIS post, click it at the right to view them**

Roadside America is good to us. Here, the giant peach in Alabama that it directed us to. Just 5 minutes off the highway, it only took us 2 hours to get this shot (after searching for it and a parking spot, making the U turns with a 67' rig, having lunch, browsing the store etc etc etc)

Made it to the Sunshine State! There's a geocache at this rest stop, too.

We pulled out of Lowe's that morning with our new antenna in hand, and with our eyes set on F-L-O-R-I-D-A ! Ah the sweet smell of the beach (still in our imagination).

Mary snapped a photo of our troupe so she could explain the crazy family in a bus concept to her coworkers. We got her as she was standing there; if you get to the visitor center along 231 in northern Florida, wait in her line, she's worth the wait!

We made it to the border, and the bright clean Florida Visitor Center (that served fresh orange juice). We met a lady there that interacted like we were old time buddies! Mary found a spot for us to camp South of a little town called Port St Joe at Indian Pass Campground. Like an old school campground, with old fishermen and soft sand. That little campground had beaches composed of discarded mollusk shells, which gave way to nicer beach as we walked down the beach, away from the lagoon. We spent several hours on this beach and the kids are getting smarter- collecting very few shells- just the good ones! While there, we talked with a few of the other campers, one of which related that he had seen a cottonmouth snake the day before, that measured 5' long, and 5 INCHES around! We did make a mental note of it's last seen location. Kelly was happy with the assortment of cool birds- her age is starting to show as she has taken a real interest in birding in the last couple of weeks- calling out pretty birds as we drive the back roads and walk the beaches. She needs a bird book, because no matter how many times she asks, I do not know what it is! That is except for the half dozen bald eagles we have seen.

Debbie & Larry capture a picture of the boys on their hogs, while the girls wait their turn. This was the payoff for a good interview.

Over and over we're meeting nice people along the road- and this campground had several good people finds for us. Debbie and Larry arrived on motorcycles at the same time we did, but we didn't see them until the next day, when they small talked us up about the trip, and revealed their story. Debbie is a high school teacher, and is collecting stories fromthe road: her 'Asphalt Classroom'. She collects the stories and brings them back to her students, many of whom haven't yet had the chance to travel away from their homes to see the world. Her desire is to inspire them to see and do more, and complete their important education. She has a natural ease with kids, as she coaxed each of our kids into relating some element of our trip. Larry was the camera man and traveling companion- also sounds like he did some editing. They have a 7 or 8,000 mile trip planned this summer, and we were pleased to have them over and discuss briefly what we were hoping to accomplish with ourBigtrip. We hope they do send the finished video clip! If they do, we'll share it with you here.

Meila's alternative cooling plan (ice pack on the face) since the AC wasn't working at its peak performance. One of the service items for ABC this week.

Although we liked the campground, there were a few reasons to continue on, and we did the next day. Ahead, bus repair and windshield replacement in Winter Garden at our friends at ABC Bus. Ah the sound of money being withdrawn from the bank at a rapid clip.

We have received a couple of inquiries about the terms of selling Bussie at the end of the trip, we'll be formalizing our exit plan and posting that info as soon as we've made a plan- stay tuned.

After a long day and late check out from the campground, we stopped at the side of the road for the driver potty break and Kelly input the address of our destination in Winter Garden: Cracker Barrel restaurant. She still refuses to drive the bus.