Closing out the day at Crescent City, CA- parked on the pier before the security lady moved us along (to the beach side parking at Pebble Beach)

Woke up this morning parked on a ‘Dolly Dock’, one of 7 in the world, along the Oregon coastline- but there’s a lot of good story from yesterday:

We met the pig! A few days ago we were corresponding with another Family on the Road that was getting into San Francisco just after we left (bummer). We exchanged tips about our crossed paths and discovered they had met an interesting couple that was walking across America - with their potbelly pig. THAT should be easy to spot, I thought, but didn’t give it another thought (too long of a chance).

Rebecca, Jason and Petunia - Walk 'N Across America

Well wouldn’t you know, we pulled into a grocery store off main street, and were kind of facing away from everything and toward the back of a motel when- a Burley bike trailer emerges, with 2 people that looked similar to the ones we’d seen online- and a PIG inside! We piled out of the van and chased after them- since they’re Walk ‘n Across America- they’re pretty fast walkers. We caught up with them and had a great conversation about a lot of things: the pig, adoption, traveling, their cause (raising cancer awareness) travel nursing (Rebecca is a nurse, like Kelly) and why Jason can drink out of the water bottle after Petunia, but she won’t drink after he does (we witnessed this). They went on their way, and we moved the bus that night (Monday) to a roadside pull off along North Pebble Beach in Crescent City. With our windows open, we heard a thousand seals barking and waves crashing all night long. In the morning, the kids knocked out school in just a few hours, punctuated by breaks running along the beach- and finally we wrapped things up by diverting a creek flowing into the ocean, about 40 feet off its course- bringing back grand memories for me of damming and diverting water as a child with my brothers.

Kelly was enamored by the seals at the citizens pier in Crescent City. We were able to talk her out of stowing one in the basement storage.

During our stay in Crescent City we took advantage of the low tide to get to the Battery Point lighthouse for a tour. What a dramatic tour! The lighthouse is staffed by volunteers that each gets to reside for a month in the lighthouse, becoming the keepers on this island that is isolated by high water twice a day.

Meila was briefly contented with small crabs- until some larger ones showed up in her older brothers hands.

Simon gently checked out this guy, right before his return to the sea. The starfish get caught in the tide pools along with several other creatures that are too slow to escape with the falling tides.

The tide pools along the path to the lighthouse yielded starfish, crabs and yet another great opportunity to discover our world for fresh young eyes. We headed out through the last of the California Redwoods with t tip from a nice lady we met that suggested some low cost or free stops along our way North…

Just before bedtime, Anya burst from the bathroom with a bloody lip and smile, proudly holding her prize- another tooth lost in the bus! (Meila lost 2 and Anya lost one – 3 total so far)

Tooth #3 lost on 'ourBigtrip'

Enroute to our hot camping tip, Lauren met someone new- at the Prehistoric Gardens Park along Hwy 101. Fortunately, the park was closed so they couldn’t exchange numbers, and we’ll never see that beast again. (His buddy was stuck behind the fence- a sloppy Brontosaurus)

Love at first sight. Although... he may be a little too old for Lauren.

The sight of these two dinosaurs had me standing on Bussies brakes to get stopped from highway speed in time for some 'photos of opportunity'.

Trevor and Ethan were excited when they picked up these crabs out of the surf, from knee high deep water- little did they know we would be pulling bigger crabs out for dinner the next day after they figured out legitimate crabbing at our next stop in Port Orford. Crazy thing is that Trevor was walking across these guys when he went out to surf. Major pinch potential !

Today has been rich with fun, learning and excitement- so we’ll tease you with a couple of photos, and spill the story after gathering our thoughts tonight. We’re staying another night at this busy port by day- and secluded hideaway by night, at the end of the earthen dock in Port Orford, OR.

Above, at 645am, the fishing boats were departing, one after another. Their return (actually, the whole day) is worthy of a whole chapter- coming soon. "How to feed your family with a few fish heads and a crab pot", By Trevor & Ethan