Aliens everywhere in Roswell. Even in our little RV Park, but this one was a little less threatening than the ones at the UFO museum.

Little did we know that just a few hours later, we would capture video of a flying saucer that had the same colored lights as this one- seventy-five miles South of Roswell on Hwy 285... This saucer was located inside the museum. The one we captured on video was 'in the wild' alongside a highway.

We arrived on Monday in Roswell and checked into a cute little RV park consisting of 13 spaces just South of downtown. We had enough time to run back into town and drop into the local visitors center for our requisite bundle of local brochures. The girl there was very friendly, and had initiated the standard epilogue for a family visit when we interrupted her and clarified why we were there: aliens. She laughed, probably AT me, because she already KNEW that we were there for aliens… That annual $5 million tourist contribution came from many others like me, and was the result of Roswell’s passion for all things green or upside down pear shaped heads. Aliens in some form adorned every store frontage, shelf and most signs as this little town of 56,000 continues to ride the publicity wave stemming from the 1947 UFO crash. I should say ‘alleged’ crash, as the locals do. Most folks were pretty diplomatic about what side of the UFO issue they were on- since they had no idea what side WE were on, and since we represented the flow of money into their community, maybe they didn’t want be confrontational if we didn’t agree with them… Probably like ‘not biting the hand that feeds you’. With the exception of the lady at the Roswell Landing gift shop (she quickly jumped on the pro-alien bandwagon), no one directly came out and said ‘it happened’. We tackled about 2 hours school this morning, and loaded up the van for the 2 mile trip into town, and the alien experience.

Off season, and early in the day equals front row parking for these eager Colorado alien hunters.

First stop: International UFO Museum and Research Center. The museum is located in old movie theater, and is remarkably low tech, decorated with homemade saucers featuring permanently mounted Christmas lights around their perimeter, simple paper and tag board mounted signs and photos on fabric walls.

Old and new, lots of folks not only endorsed the idea of aliens, but signed their name to the letters. In this case, the man wrote "I am old enough now that I think that being labeled...a little crazy won't really matter".  His letter was among hundreds of similar statements hanging on the walls.

The official deposition like statements from each of the participants are the most striking in my eyes- mounted all around the museum, putting a face on the names of those who stand behind the claims of one spacecraft falling to the earth on that July 1947 morning. One UFO, a few aliens, a handful of metal scraps that have now mysteriously disappeared…  It’s fun to listen to, but I probably won’t believe until the aliens make themselves known, or I witness an alien landing… I would prefer to run into an alien during the day, in a busy place because you know what they say about encountering a bear in the wilderness (which probably also applies to an alien encounter): you don’t have to outrun the bear- just outrun the slow guy next to you!

In the Research Center- which looked and acted like a legitimate library (except you couldn't check out materials "anymore") we found this rock, discovered and donated to the museum by a New Mexico road worker. That little rock sure looks like an eye inside the alien face- wonder how it got there? Probably an alien sign.

Radio equipment from the era when the original alien broadcast from the President was transmitted is on display just an arms reach from you. Don't miss the poorly marked button atop the vintage parlor radio that replays the broadcast for you, very exciting to think that it happened, HERE.

We soaked up every element of aliens that we could find, and even asked some of the local folks what their opinion was ‘about this alien thing’: at the NAPA store, the Surplus Store, the Visitor Center, the RV Park, etc etc….. and at the end of the day, the adults in this family are on the same page: we believe that there’s a better chance that something happened that was secret, but we can't find enough information to support the case for aliens landing. Sorry Roswell, you didn’t convince us (but it was fun stopping by to check it out!).

Late day stop at the hangar where the alien remains were taken, before being transported to Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton, OH. A well marked barbed wire fence encircles the building, although the signs may be a remnant, they still work.

That being said, during the night, we were joined in bed by 2 little ones (names held to protect the innocent) that cited ‘alien dreams’ as the reason for their sleep over. We could have predicted this!

There is one small detail. We departed Roswell after a quick sunset look at Hanger 84 on what used to be Walker AFB. It’s still there, and offers tours on Saturdays. If you get to the area, plan at least an hour to just drive around the area of the current Roswell airport. The City of Roswell ended up with the land after the Air Force closed the base operation many years ago. The population plummeted and the city reluctantly took it over. There are dilapidated (and fascinating) relics from the old days and modern facilities that recondition aircraft, as well as salvage houses that bring in aircraft then strip and part them out. On your drive you’ll see the old alien hanger, and hundreds of aircraft sitting around awaiting their fate. The modern flight operations seem secondary to the industry that’s taking place here- like a warehouse district with a flight terminal hidden in the center of it all. OK, back to that detail. We set out to hook up the van and drive through to Carlsbad, NM so we’d be closer to the Carlsbad Caverns, our next big stop. The drive went nicely, although we sacrifice the great American view when we drive at night, it is relaxing as the kids tuck into bed and the noise gently tails off as the little ones finally close their eyes (and mouths). So it was quiet until we got to the north end of Carlsbad. I am, you know, watching the road, and brilliant stars and cars passing us like they always do, when I spotted an aircraft flying right at us from quite a ways off. I could tell it was coming straight at us, as the center landing light appeared between a red and green navigation light, which is only possible, if an aircraft is coming straight at you. It was brighter than all of the other lights in the sky, but it was twinkling quite a bit, and for miles it didn’t change position. The longer this went on, the less it resembled an aircraft. The light actually appeared to be alternating between colors rather than having fixed lamps. The position didn’t change in the sky relative to other celestial objects, other than our movement. I had to tell Trevor and Kelly. Yes, they did laugh at my suggestion that it was ‘something’. However, after watching it for about 10 minutes while driving, and trying to get a good look through the binoculars we finally pulled off to the side of highway 285 southbound, at the entrance to the Living Desert State Park (so I could take a close up look!). Sure enough, it was either a creative kid with a superbright tri-color LED flying high over the city to mess with the tourists, or we had something. Of course I had to call someone, so I ran it by the local police, who listened quietly, assured me that they had no other reports of this object, then wished me a good night as I gracefully ended the call. [I am fully aware of the jokes that have been made as a result of my call among the dispatchers and police- although I wonder if the man stepped outside to take a look for himself?]

We continued into Carlsbad, and pulled off to disconnect the van for our stay over at WalMart. Kelly nimbly researched stellar objects while we rolled down the highway thanks to the laptop and Verizon MiFi connection- and it would APPEAR that we witnessed a geo-stationary satellite that while rotating, reflects a pattern of the sunlight back to us off of its polished sides. At least, that’s what the internet WANTED us to believe. Before finding that explanation she found multiple reports that were identical to ours including photos and video clips. We took a couple of video clips also, not an airplane, and the color was so brilliant that it’s hard to believe that it was a satellite…. Hm.

YouTube Video of our UFO experience is  here.

Yeah, we saw 2 million dollars up close! You can too, at the Surplus Store on 2nd Ave South of downtown Roswell. They have a lot of good stuff. Ask for Mark, who owns the place- he has the full story on just about everything, the inside track!

Meila's old teacher Mrs Richardson said she was born on Roswell, and sure enough-
we found Richardson Street! (If you blow the photo up you can read it).