The snow on the ground wasn't an issue once we got past our driveway- until the Missouri ice storm

As every trip is for our family it seems, this one had some value adding flavor. Whether it was the parking lot install job for a new roof rack, braving the wind element at the top of the Genoa (CO) Wonder Tower, our friendly contact with the Kansas State Trooper during his busy schedule Saturday night, the subsequent midnight headlight repair at Mittens 24 hour truck repair shop, dodging 100 abandoned cars on Interstate 70 that had trouble navigating the sheets of ice and hardened slush, or the seven hours of unrelenting rain- we made it to Nashville in 20.5 hours of driving.

In Genoa, CO you can see 6 states from the top of the Wonder Tower.

Straight through. Sure, you can mold your hair into any shape and it will stay after riding in the car that long, but when you step out onto Tennessee dirt and look back to see how fast you made it, it’s all worthwhile.  Made it half way through John Grisham’s ‘The Appeal’.

Any legitimate trip must include a peek at a 2 headed calf.

Despite all of the cultural and music opportunities in the country capital of the world, we’re here on a mission. Today, we have some buses to look at.