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Friday August 13, 2010

Late to bed, late to rise. We decided to stay another night at this campground (it’s $10 a night) and headed to Torrey to do a load of laundry, mail postcards and get lunch.  The vistas were spectacular, the layered mountains dripping with color. We roasted hot dogs at the campground, and then decided to try and catch the sunset from a vista named for such views. We arrived about 5 minutes after the sun had dropped below the horizon, but it looked like it was probably a great view. We still soaked in the view and had a chance to look for snakes and lizards. Apparently they were all in bed already. Everyone was in bed at a reasonable hour, including another night in the tent and it was a good day.

There is some benefit to a teal bus- all of the white RV's stand out... Not us! Teal blends nicely with trees and becomes invisible at night.

Now officially Junior Rangers, ready to enforce the rules.

**I'm sorting out which computer will provide the most reliable internet access, and will then get the photo software in place on it, so I can include lots of photos in future posts.