I thought it was serious before, but this morning:

Today I reached for the phone to call around and find a couple of parts for towing (this MONTH's project) and there was a fast busy signal. The same signal that has always told me that something was messed up with the phone company, and now I have to find another phone to report our phone trouble and ... then I remembered that I ordered this suspension of service. Effective today, the home phones are suspended (no calls in or out).

It's real.

We're leaving as soon as we can get the beds made and the shelves built.  Approximately.

This week has been more good than bad, although I have gone to bed early for me (before 1130) every night thanks to being so tired!

Meila was up for 3 mornings before 7 to accompany me to the work shop- then stuck with it without complaints for as many as 10 hours one day! She liked going down into the pit despite the dead furry animal that we found there.

Usually (at least at our parts store) the stool is reserved for the mechanics that are regular customers. Since we were in so much this week, they let Meila sit on a stool.

One of the exciting surprises so far. Our differential.

Butch has been very helpful with the serious mechanical work- as we installed all of the towing accouterments, we discovered a cracked differential and an air leak in the main brake line. Butch was able to seal the differential from further leaks (we're optimistic) and the air leak has been eliminated... Which all proves that 2 jobs will pop up for every one job you take on.

The 12 volt van lights are now connected to the 24 volt bus lights and working.

The van transmission pump is pumping.

The van brake activates when the bus brake is depressed.

Wow, sounds so simple, but the grease and blood will remind me of the last week for a while.....

The list to be able to leave for a year is daunting, but not impossible. Thanks to the CPA, we'll have taxes done before we go, too.

Kelly comes home tonight, then we'll be a team again and can get out the door quickly... anyone want to throw a few bucks in on a pool of when we leave? I say before Monday at 10am (by shooting for Saturday at 6pm).