Translated:  One hour plus three little ones equals four lost teeth.  It is a new family record!  Tonight, Henry was sitting at the table after dinner when all of a sudden announced, “I just pulled my tooth out.”  This is Henry’s first lost tooth!  He had his two big teeth already erupt behind his two front bottom teeth in the last couple weeks and we have been wiggling those little guys, but a little afraid we might need to visit the dentist to help them out.  Well, no worries now, as just 15 minutes later he came out of the bathroom stating he had pulled out the other loose one too.  We then teased Meila that she should have Henry pull out her loose tooth since he was so good at it.  He declined the offer as he was afraid his strength might be too much for her to handle.  Five minutes later Meila had her own tooth out and now is quite proud of her wide toothless smile having lost the other front upper tooth about a week ago. Luckily, she can still whistle perfectly, maybe even a little bit louder than before!

Not to be out done, Anya spoke up that maybe her loose tooth would come out tonight too! Now, Anya is not one who usually goes about the process of losing a tooth quickly.  She likes to take her time, with lots of updates to anyone who will listen about the state of looseness of the said tooth.  She makes you feel it over and over again and give your opinion of the looseness of the tooth and this process can go on and on and on for days!  So you can imagine our surprise when Anya showed up with this little talked about, little fussed over, little wiggled, loose tooth all the way out with no fanfare at all… Amazing!  I hope the tooth fairy is feeling strong tonight as she has four to fly out of the bus with tonight!