Undoubtedly not the last, although strange to be the first.

We're not going to push to Alaska first thing out of the chute. With the discovery of the crack in the top of the differential last week, we think it's best to stay relatively close to one of 5 national Van Hool facilities if that becomes an issue in the next few thousand miles. Now, if the sealant holds we'll take onthe world and include Alaska for a big end of the trip voyage...

That being said, where ARE we going? We're mulling the options on where to head for now, perhaps the West coast?

It's nice not to know, yet. I remember back to last summer, when we ended up in Tremonton, UT for a few days- a place we probably would never have stopped if we hadn't had the necessity... So wherever it is, it will be fun.

Everyone has their own drawer in the bathroom.

Hard work has not ceased, yesterday saw the completion of the shelf project (bathroom and 2 closets), the drawer divider project, the van-is-finally-connected project completed, the empty-the-freezer-in-the-house project, the clean-the-bedroom-out-for-the-housesitter project, and finally, the pack-the-little-boys project.

Simple drawer dividers make for organized 6 year olds ... and 14 year olds.

It's NICE to have my wife back, things are getting done in and out of the house, now.

We will leave when the jobs are complete. But I think I might scream if one more person asks "Aren't you gone, yet?!" Maybe, I'll just stay home until we are hooked up and leaving, then give the big horn a few long blasts to signal the transition to "ourBigtrip" as we cross over the lake on the way out of town. My inclination is to leave without big dramatic good-byes and just stay in touch with friends as we travel. Heck, I'll bet most people won't even know we're gone for 12 months. I can hear it now : "You were gone for a YEAR?!"