Today, Kelly and I both made the trip to Denver for film (possibly our last trip to Denver for film!) and on the way home stopped at 3 travel trailer places to (again) explore the possibility of a trailer, and look inside of them. Now, having looked at buses, we seem to be ready to look for something. We have enough information to be dangerous, we are somewhat educated, we are ready to get our hands on something and stop TALKING about it and DO it.

In a nutshell, each of the salesmen were presented with our guidelines:

9 people living for a year
All of our clothes and 'stuff'
Belted positions to travel in

Each of the salesmen said that our best bet was a ... bus.

Storage was the big thing. Next, dedicated sleeping space (versus folding up beds into tables each morning).

Kelly laughs that I was on a mission to get some support for a bus concept. I agree, I like the idea of barreling down the interstate (or backroads preferably) in a 500HP bus, but for 1/4 the price, I could be persuaded to tow a trailer with our existing 1 ton van.

I'll publicly admit that I'm open to anything that will get all of us there, and keep us going for 12 months. Maybe a string of 2-3 pop up trailers?

Busy week next week at the theater, then leave for FL on the 15th.

Bus by the end of April? Time will tell all.