Purchase a token across the street at the liquor store, and get ready for the show! (FYI: The first token is 2 for $1 if they are for kids).

We parked right downtown for the evening and overnight. A newly married bride and groom stopped by for pictures at the adjacent capitol building, and I enjoyed being on the fringe of the action- downtown street in s small town overnight. Remember the stoplight in the movie Cars when it flashed overnight? Just like that!

Made it in time to pick up our tokens for the dragon and light up the fire!

Found this town to be cute, quiet and stormy! A thunderstorm rolled in during the evening, and lit up the sky with constant (no kidding it was constant) lightning. SO much that we read up on what it meant to be in a farady cage (vehicle makes a good faraday cage) and how to survive a lightning strike in the bus. Closed the windows, unplugged the electrical components that night be sensitive to an electrical surge.

Strangely, there isn't a bolt of electricity in the sky for this picture- it was wild loud and close and a bit spooky.

Strolled around town before the storm hit and enjoyed peeking in 110 yer old windows, seeing the locations of several fires in town, and playing on the lawn of the old capitol.

This town makes a neat stop, almost old times in real life. Surely they will renovate it all (and ruin the charm) soon. Our vote : leave as is.

Visited the site of one of several fires that occurred over about 5 years in this community. Strange. This one was the Depot Restaurant- situated about 5 feet from the tracks of a freight train that sounded like thunder coming down the tracks- and moved FAST! We weren't expecting it to come in so hot and heavy, scared us right back from the fence.

Abe Lincoln crated quite a stir here when he was a representative and shook up local politics before becoming President.

Also the end of the Cumberland Road (National Road) that started in Cumberland MA, and ends here at the West end in Vandalia. Project ran out of money (at $7m) in the mid 1800's and stopped here.

On the road again- through St Louis and all her construction- whew!