One of the art cars we ran across in Victoria. The picture doesn't do it justice. What kind of glue holds shells on a car??

Anya showing off her collection of Junior Ranger badges.

This little / big town was a nice break from planned stops along the way. We intended to stay overnight then stayed 4 or 5 nights. While here, we caught up on some school, saw some cool art cars, did laundry, geocached, paid just $12 a night for full hook ups, washed the bus and van, removed the toilet from the bus to replace a gasket, cleaned out the wastewater tanks, removed and cleared a black water valve jam (“NO PAPER TOWELS IN THIS TOILET, KIDS”, I said), found a methylene blue source at the local hospital- and all this in a quiet, out of the way campground run by the city. Close to everything, but off the beaten path- just right. We recommend it.

During science class outside, this little walking stick just about scared Trevor into next week when it climbed up his leg out of the grass. We didn't realize the big old pincers on the tail end of walking sticks, wow!

After a lot of phone calls and run around, we finally got in contact with Christina, in the lab at DeTar Hospital Navarro. She very kindly helped us get this solution for staining microscope slides by mixing the solution and providing it for our home school use at no charge. Victoria was like that, everyone seemed nice.

We spent 4+ hours (yes, four) running wire through the ceiling of the bus to install another intercom speaker in the bunk corridor. Anya's arm was small enough that she could reach into and around obstructions to help fish the almost impossible job.

To disassemble the electric toilet, the flapper must be open. Removing it from the bus without first opening the flapper was solved by 'jumping' it with the van. We just needed a brief 12v supply to get it opened up. It did appear that we were supercharging the head for some serious flushing action.