About 2 months ago I read a quick blurb about a hat that the Colorado Tourism folks were handing out, IF you sent them an email requesting the hat, and picked it up at one of their visitor centers. I checked it out, but don't pass by a visitor center very often.

Until today! Knowing that we would be passing by the Fruita Welcome Center, I sent the email from their website, and received a confirmation that I could pick up my hat anytime.

Anytime that is EXCEPT for ONE minute after they close.

I mean, there wasn't a soul on the property at 6:01pm. They must have an underground tunnel for when they leave their shift, because it was me and the other tourist, and no other cars in the lot. And we could see the lot for a ways before we actually arrived at the door.

Moral of this story is that if YOU work a shift until a certain time, stay until your shift ends!

That means, that we're not leaving the area until I have that hat. Good news is that they accept free black & gray tank donations AND give free water at that rest stop.

We headed back 10 miles to GJ for some supplies, and the spend the night.

Back up 12 hours:

We were awakened from our slumber in the new Glenwood Springs HS parking lot by- beauty. It was perfect. Allowed a little breakfast by the green grass in the sun, and some parking lot electrical work on the van, and some free hot springs time on the river.

Now, it's my favorite time again, to lay my head down to rest.