We've had the great privilege of sharing Geocaching with many people. Today the sport has gained a strong foothold among families and adventurous folks that are looking for a 'hike with a payoff' or an exciting hunt for something fun- and Geocaching offers both. For many years we have relied on our easy to use set of Garmin eTrex legend GPS units for the family, for classes we've taught and to loan to acquaintances that have taken up the sport. With the beginning of our trip to tackle Geocaching in every state, we're going to take a look at upgrading our equipment, and wonder what everyone else likes. Not what's cool looking or cheapest, but what works the best for you, for paperless Geocaching? We had the opportunity to try out a friends Garmin Colorado GPS on the 4th of July, which was very handy to have the cache logs and description all contained in the GPS! For years, we've printed a sheet for each cache and carried it along, but inevitably it becomes lost or put in a safe location that no one can re-locate when we need it the most.

Still working hard, our Garmin eTrex Legend GPS units have been around the world, finding caches from our home town to Xian, China- and all points in between. They don't have the ability to store the cache documents, although they are easy to use and have - - not very often - - led us astray.

Without any further ado, click this email link and tell us what you like and why- as we search for the 'perfect' GPS for the big Geocache trip. We'll bring back a report here and let you know what we settle on, and how it holds up under intense treasure hunting pressure.