Finally! Trevor and I tackled the big cover up today. We laid a single 40" x 16' duranodic bronze vinyl piece over each of the white panels on the sides of Bussie today.

A few minor flaws, but looks nice from the curb!

Right, this means we haven't signed up a sponsor to ride along during our trip.... But the offer is still open, and we could add an important message any day.

Kelly and Anya leave for Los Angeles Thursday (Anya's having surgery), and we've decided to hold off on the departure until they return- around Aug 6th. With 3 major van projects still to be completed- that should allow us to get out the door with everything in place... (brakes, tansmission pump and light wiring)


We also hit the jackpot with child safety latches on the fridge. $4.50 for food security:

That is, the security of our food staying in the fridge, and not the floor, on a hard left turn!